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Targeted Program Counsel

Sometimes, what you are interested in is doing a deep dive into a specific fundraising component to boost its effectiveness. You tell us what your goals are, and we will help you accomplish them.


The  most common include:

Annual Giving

Fewer than half of donors make repeat gifts to an organization, limiting income and growth potential. We will outline the strategies and systems needed to build a robust annual giving program, one that will increase repeat giving and  build a solid prospect pipeline.


Gifts from major donors can transform your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission. We will help strengthen your major gifts program to fully engage these donors throughout their lifetime with thoughtful planning and tailored strategies.

pLANNED Giving

Donors who have supported your organization over many years are prime candidates to make estate gifts through bequests and other vehicles. We can help your donors create a legacy while creating a predictive stream of income to support your mission.


Corporate and foundation proposals require a clear understanding of how your organization’s priorities align with those of a potential funder. We can assist with preparing proposals that will increase your chance of success, as well as identify grant opportunities.


Effectively conveying the impact of donor support encourages donor retention and inspires increased giving. We will create flexible, customizable stewardship plans to ensure your donors’ continued investment in your mission.


We can evaluate and make recommendations on your fundraising materials, and digital communications to ensure donors are getting clear messages on the importance of their philanthropic support.

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